Follow Our Scanlation Progress LIVE!


We’re prolly the first scanlation group to do this! We’ve decided that we want to be open about the status of our project so we opened up our workboard to everyone. This way, you can see how far we are in scanlating the manga. You won’t be able to post anything, just view though.

We’re Alive!

Rather, I’m alive? Chichiwomoge (or Chichi for short) here! It seems that Hiyoko no Gao’s forums have disappeared so I think for starters, I’ll start posting the Mahoraba scans Vols 1-12 that we’ve done in the past.

Also! I’m hoping to practice my Japanese so I’m picking up a series that is dear to my heart. It’s the first series I ever loved and used to watch on TV as a kid!

It’s…..Mahoujin Guru Guru! Surprisingly, there’s no scanlation done on it so I’ll get to work on it! I’m shooting for speeds of faster than 1 chapter every 4 months :p

See you soon!